The Owner or Users with Admin privilege can change the Organization's Plan type. Users of type Organizer are unable to change the Plan type. 

You can switch between plans at any time using the following steps.

  1. Log In to Eventene from a browser
  2. Navigate to your Account page, then click on the Organization tab
  3. Observe account information, including your current Plan Type
  4. Click on the gear icon, next to the "Account Type" section to select a new Plan.

Upgrading your Plan

When you upgrade from one paid plan to another, you will receive a pro-rated credit for any unused portion of your current billing cycle. The credit will be applied towards your new monthly or annual rate for the higher paid plan.

If you have a Discount Code, you may apply it to your existing plan or enter when switching to a new one.

Downgrading your Plan

If you choose to downgrade to another paid plan, you will immediately move to the lower plan. Your account will be credited for the difference in plans and applied towards your next invoice on the billing date.