List of Attendees

The Attendees page provides a convenient way to view the list of all attending guests for an Activity. The organizer can choose to set the Attendees list as public or private. If private, the page will show a message instead, indicating the list is private.

On the Attendees page, you can navigate between the Activities of the Event by clicking on the circled dates in the Activities row. If more Activities exist than can be shown on the row, simply swipe right or left to shift the Activities right or left.

Attendee Details

If the Attendees list is Public, you can click on an Attendees name to view their details on a separate page, as shown in the following example screenshot. 

The Attendee Details page shows the Attendees Name and Email address, but may also include other fields that the organizer chooses to make public for the Event. Example fields include additional contact information, phone numbers, addresses, and other relevant information, such as gender and type. 

Email addresses, Phone numbers, and Addresses are further clickable to launch your phone's actions for those field types. You can click to call an Attendee by clicking on their mobile phone number, for example.