Within the Mobile App, the main Details page serves as the hub for an Event. It displays important information regarding the time of the Event, your attendance status, and the Activities you are participating in. The Details page lets you view you Event's details at a glance and you can navigate to any of the following areas, as shown in the following example.


The Header area covers the the top portion of the Event Details page contains the following elements

  • Calendar Icon - click the icon in the upper left corner to return to the Calendar page to switch to another event
  • Event Name - full name of the event
  • Event Date/Time - the starting date and time of the Event, adjusted for your local timezone (the timezone setting of your phone)
  • Organization Name - the sponsoring Organization's name appears under the Event Name
  • Persona Switcher / App Menu - the circled initials indicates which Persona is active for the logged in user. Clicking it also opens the App's Menu as a side panel
  • Moremenu - the More menu appears as "..." within a white circle. Clicking it opens a menu with the following options.
    • Event Details - shows additional high level details about the Event, such as the location, and a button to use your device's installed mapping apps to navigate to the Event venue.
    • Full Description - shows the detailed Description notes for the Event in a full page. The Full Description may contain additional important details, such as information on where to park, what to bring, links to reference materials, PDF files for pre-reading, and other images, video clips, or files that the organizer wishes to include for the Event.
    • View Image - allows you to view the Event Image on separate page with support for zooming in an out. To dismiss the image, click the "<" (back) button at the top or swipe the image downward.
    • Cancel - close the menu without selecting an action
  • Attendance Status - initially shows as "Register" in blue to alert you ¬†that action is required. Clicking the button takes you to the Register page where you can complete the registration process. After registering, your attendance status will appear here. Clicking it again will allow you to update your status.

Header Area

Activities List

The section in the middle of the main Details page includes a list of the Activities within the Event. You'll see all the Activities that have been invited to, along with information on the date and time. Clicking on any of the Activity tiles will open it in a card view, which you can swipe left and right to navigate between the Activities. 

Each Activity card shows additional details about it, such as the Name, your Attendance status, Description, Location, link to Join the Video Meeting (for Virtual Events), as well as links to the list of Attendees, specific survey Questions associated with the Activity, and any Assignments that you may have. You may click on any of the items to navigate directly to them to take further action.

Tab Bar

Below the Activities section is the tab bar which allows you to easily jump between other sections of the Event. The Tab Bar consists of the following items.

  • Details - the main Details for the Event, as described above. The Details button allows the user to return to the main Details at any time.
  • Register - the Register button opens the registration sequence where you can register for the Event the first time or return later to update your attendance status, survey questions, or payments, if the event collects any fees.
  • Attendees - shows a list of the Attendees for each Activity in the Event. Note, the organizer can set the Attendees List as Public or Private. The list of Attendees' names will only appear if the list is Public. Note that organizers within the event can always see the Attendees list, even if the visibility is private for the other participants.
  • Assignments - provides a convenient place for you to view any assignments that the organizer created for you, such as your table number at a fundraiser or wedding, carpool for a field trip or campout, or a specific group allocation for a reunion or company offsite. Organizers can send you direct notifications when Assignments are ready for viewing.