Team Members are additional users that may be added to an Eventene account to assist with creating and organizing Events. Each Eventene plan has a different number of contributors permitted on the account. Only paid plan allow additional Team members to join the account. Standard plans can add 1 Team Member in addition to the account Owner. Pro accounts can add up to 9 more Team members, in addition to the account Owner. Premium plans may have more Team members than Pro, as configured for each organization.

Inviting Users

To invite a new User, first navigate to Account and select the Users tab. Here you will see a list of all users associated with the account. Each user has different privileges that allow them to edit or view specific pieces of information. The Owner can edit the privileges of any other user and cannot be removed except of their own volition. 

The owner or admin account can invite users by pressing the “Send Invite” button. After doing so, the owner will be prompted on the next screen to enter the email and user type (role and privileges) of the prospective user and type a short message explaining why they are being invited to collaborate.

An admin will have access to everything within the account whereas an organizer will have access to all Events, Groups, and Sections, but will not be able to view billing information or add or remove users on the account.

After you have entered user details and typed your message, press “Send” to send an email to the prospective user notifying them of your invitation to join the organization. If they already have an Eventene account, they will immediately be added to the Account Users list. Otherwise, the user will need to set up an Eventene account before they are added. 

Note that Free users will be able to use paid plan features if they are added as users to an account with a paid plan.